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Here are some recommendations that we feel are vital to your success.
1. If you don't already have High Quality Media, then we suggest to re-capture your product media.
The quality of your Photography, Video and Graphic Design will be the most important statement of your professionalism and commitment to quality. Don't underestimate the fishing community in regards to Advertising Quality.
-We can re-capture or re-design all of your media from Photography to Graphic Design to Corporate Identities (click on the following images for examples)

2. Re-Energize Your Web Site
Your newer generation customers have come to expect a web presence and a high quality web site as well. Many customers actually begin forming opinions on the product by the Web Site's appearance. example: A low quality web site reflects a low quality product or a lack of a web site shows a lack of customer service. Your customers are very internet-savvy and accustomed to exploring the internet to find out about their favorite fishing product manufacturers.
Your web site will provide many benefits. Let your web site drive your product promotion. If your web site is set up correctly, people will be able to find your products easily when searching the web. Allow your web site to provide ALL of the information about your products. This will allow your customers to feel comfortable about purchasing your products or services. Let your web site work for you in other ways like providing customer service which saves you time since you won't have to answer as many calls.
-We have been developing high-end web sites since 1995, so we can help you get your company on the internet and at a level that it needs to be at.

3. Centralizing your Multi-Media with Kingfisher will save you money.
Since we are a full service Multi-Media company, we have access to all of your media and therefore we will not have any hidden charges for obtaining media from other companies. Simply put, if we have produced all of your media, then there will be zero confusion.
Since we know the fishing community, you won't have to spend time explaining your products and we can produce your desired results much quicker than the standard Advertising Firm. We use your products as much as your normal customers do, so we know how to deliver your Advertising.
-We are a Multi-Media company that was formed to specifically focus on the fishing industry and we are 100% confident that you will be more than pleased with our work. We share your enthusiasm about your fishing products and you will definitely know this after we begin working together.
(click on the following images for examples)